CLVR M3DIA, a Chicago-based lifestyle commercial photography and filmmaking company, has expanded its presence to St. Louis and Miami. We're thrilled to connect with you!
In today's dynamic digital landscape, social media has evolved from a mere brand bonus to a necessity. With constantly shifting algorithms across platforms, creating authentic, curated content is key to driving brand engagement, fostering loyalty, and building a thriving community.
Joe Ramos, a visionary Creative Director, champions the power of "outside the box thinking" in his approach. Unwilling to conform to conventional norms, he stands out among his peers, leveraging his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Lindenwood University. With extensive experience spanning various roles, including a notable tenure at AT&T, Joe has honed his expertise in brand building. In today's digital age, his profound understanding of consumer behavior and sales dynamics has been invaluable to commercial clients worldwide. Joe also brings cybersecurity knowledge gained from his involvement with CLVR Labs, enriching his multifaceted professional journey.
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